Meals Ready to Eat


Meals ready to eat have been around for years and was used in the military since 1981. Originally the MRE as it was called was designed for the U.S military to feed their soldiers. However on account of the strong demand, manufacturers started introducing and selling civilian versions to the common public as well. Hence over the years the pre-packaged meals have undergone significant changes. Today it is a great food source when any emergency disaster strikes.

What is Meals ready to eat all about?

It is a type of self-contained field ration that is designed to meet the individual meal requirements of a soldier. It comes in a tamper-proof light weight packaging that is water tight and weather-proof in nature. This type of emergency food does not require any cooking or water and can be eaten either hot or cold. However some come with MRE heaters to heat the dish. The field rations generally contained beef, peas and rice. However over the years the military version has evolved and comes in different flavors to meet the dietary needs of an individual. Yes, MRE is not just made for the military anymore but these packages come with basic needs to gourmet wants to suit various budgets.

The Military and the civilian MRE’s:

On seeing the increase in demand for the military MRE’s among the general public, manufacturers started introducing civilian versions at unbelievably affordable rates. The military MRE’s are subject to rigorous quality control and testing. They are made tamper-proof to withstand parachute drops and extreme temperatures also. They are also packed with 1200 calories to cater to the soldier’s daily calorific needs. They also have an incredibly amazing shelf life of five years or even more. The civilian version is not more than 1000 calories and is an ideal choice to keep in your home in case of unforeseen emergency situations. Today the MRE comes with an entree, side dish, a powdered beverage drink, a snack item, a spread, condiments, crackers or bread and of course a dessert too. They also come with an additional accessory pack that includes items like chewing gum, toilettes, water resistant matches, seasonings and toilet papers. No wonder kids consider them as a treat bag packed with all fun and surprises.


Meals ready to eat are the simplest, easiest, safest and affordable way to stock up your emergency disaster kit. They are also convenient options while on the go. Have meals ready to eat handy to tackle any situation you may encounter.